Where did March go?

Wow, Spring! Anyone living in an old property will know the thankful feeling when the weather (and therefore the house!) starts warming up. Everything becomes a little less damp, and a little less drafty. I’d love to be able to enjoy ourselves a little more than we are currently in the spring sunshine, but at the same time I do not want to face another winter in the cottage with no insulation or render on the house! 

We’ve been so busy this past month, that I haven’t had a spare minute to write about any goings on at the cottage until now, so I’m sorry about that.

March has been a busy one! We’ve plaster boarded, built a wall, insulated, screeded, sanded, pointed, painted, chiselled, raked, plastered started thinking about finer details (lighting, sockets, doors) and sanded some more! It doesn’t feel like we’ve achieved that much where we only have evenings and weekends, but when I list it like this it does actually sound like we’ve achieved quite a bit! I’ve just surprised myself! 

It’s a really exciting time for us here, as we’re coming to the point now where both the porch and cloakroom are starting to feel like rooms. The plaster really transforms it from a shell, into something resembling a livable space. We can now start thinking about moving on to other rooms (yay!) and we’re so proud of how we’ve built the extension (although obviously new) in keeping with the original character within the rest of the property.

We still have one wall to hardwall and plaster, as well as a final sanding of the beams before sealing them. We also have the stone flooring and underfloor heating to lay. I also got my lovely reclaimed door at the beginning of the month, which will hang on a sliding barn rail (see previous blog post) as our cloakroom door.

I’ve been working on repairing and restoring the original stone which will be exposed in the cloakroom, but I’m almost there and then I’ll be able to point it all in! We’ve been working with the same lime mortar that we used on the exterior of the property, so we know it’ll look great and suit the stone.

The week after next we have both booked off of work as ‘holiday’, so we’re looking forward to getting stuck in to more extreme renovation work again! 

To get water into the new extension, we need to pull our lounge flooring up and lay the pipes under the floor. This is fine, as we’d be pulling the floor up to lay a wet system and stone flooring anyway.

Whilst we’re disrupting the lounge by pulling the floor up to get water into these two rooms- we’ll also pull the ceilings down in there to get all the mucky stuff (and ridding of asbestos) done at the same time. We also have some masonry work and beams to sand in the lounge before we’re able to put the new stone flooring down in there – so that’ll keep us busy for a good while! 

The plan is to get the lounge into a livable state again, and as with the cloakroom/porch, furnish and decorate at a later date. It’s more important at this time of the year that we are able to concentrate on getting the second extension up, so that’s what we’ll be focusing on over the next month! 

In other news, our windows and doors are also on the way!
Here’s some photos from the past month for you to enjoy! 

I’ll attempt to blog a bit more from now on!  

Emma x

How the cloakroom looks currently- we have ceilings!!!
A section of the cleaned stone
First hit of plaster on doorway
Porch with re pointed and painted original brickwork
My reclaimed barn door! I love it! This will be a sliding door into the cloakroom
Starting clean up on the masonry
Freshly screeded floor
Fresh stack of accoya- our windows and doors!
Sliding barn door track for our cloakroom door
I found this old Victorian wash stand on eBay! I’m currently restoring it and it will stand in the cloakroom with a new basin and brass taps
Insulation in!


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