Sledgehammer fun!

We’ve had a rather productive weekend here at the cottage.

Saturday was spent doing the exciting stuff- pulling down the existing ceiling and getting the sledgehammer out to completelely knock through the wall to the extension.

Porch ceiling down
Wall and ceiling down- knock through completed

As you can imagine, we then had a lot of clearing up to do!

The next step was to run the electrics, and this meant thinking about the type of lighting that we’d like, as well as where we’d like switches and sockets. After much deliberation, we managed to get a few of the cables run in before it got too late last night.

We’ve decided that we will sit up lighters on the beams in both rooms, shining up into the pitch above. A wall light in the porch (it’s only a small space) and I’m hoping to get something like this hanging in between the beams from the pitch in the extension..

Lighting ideas

We continued to run and tie the cables in on sunday. Once we’d done this, we spent the rest of the day thoroughly insulating the roof space.

Insulation started, and an example of the first fix of electrics installed
Emma insulating!

So the insulation is now complete and will hopefully keep much of the draft out from now on. The last few roof tiles will be delivered tomorrow, so hopefully we can get these on in the coming week.

We also got our first, tiniest window which will go in the extension this week, and it’s absolutely stunning.

First timber window

This has been bespokely made for us from Accoya wood. We still need to get the glazing unit made to fit, but now we have the measurements we can go ahead and contact the relevant people to do this. We’ll then have a meeting with the council and make sure theyare happy with the detailing and glazing, and also discuss the finish before going ahead with the rest of the windows.

We are going to do a few stained samples, and a few painted. We have a good idea of what colours we would like, so pop back soon to find out more.

Hope you’ve all had a great weekend!


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