We’re back, and meaning business!


After a long year or so away from any building work at the cottage, we were finally handed our building reg drawings last week and are ready to crack on!

We’ve decided to start with the smaller extension on the ‘front’ end of the cottage, doing everything we can ourselves just to see how long it takes us. We are both working full time as well, so this smaller extension will be a good test to see whether we need to think about getting any help with the larger extension on the other side.

The plan (at the moment!) is to get the cloakroom/downstairs bathroom built and tied in with the existing porch, and then carry on through and work on the lounge. We can then use these rooms to live in whilst we do the major work on the rest of the house. 

So this week, we’ve cleared the bank, and started digging it out. The cottage is built into the bank, so we’ve had to dig back to into it to find the line for the extension. This also meant lugging around a lot of stone and concrete, as well as many, many tip runs! 

We’ve done well, and feel like we’ve accomplished a decent amount in the time we’ve had. 

We had a site visit from our building inspector regarding the bank and how we were going to support it with the new extension. After discussions with the structural engineer, we’ve decided the easiest way is to encorporate reinforcements into the block work of the new extension, and have a raft foundation. We just need to wait for these drawings from the structural engineer and then approval from the building inspector  before we actually start this. 

So that’s where we’re at for now. The next step is to think about drainage and the new manhole that we’ll need. That’s this weeks job whilst we’re waiting on the design from the structural engineer.

I’m not sure if many of you remember what it was like before (you may find som pics further back of our old log store) but this is where we are now.

Welcome to our cloakroom!

The Diaz’s xxx


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