A hiccup in planning. 

The reason why we’ve been a little quiet recently, is mainly due to the fact that we are having a few issues with our planning application. Life has also got in the way the last couple of weeks, meaning that we haven’t had too much time to spend on the cottage. 

I don’t want to say too much about our planning issues at the moment, but it is mostly due to the fact we are in a conservation area. The next step for us is to arrange a meeting with our planning and conservation officer, and go from there. Once we have come to an agreement with them, we will update you all. 

So this weekend we have been heavily researching in preparation for our meeting, and talking to many of our neighbours/locals to get their honest opinions on our plans for the cottage. 

We believe the way we are restoring the cottage is the best thing we can do for it, and the area. We are, and will be using traditional techniques and materials, meaning that hopefully it’ll stand for another 200 years. We need to explain this in full, with documents to back us up. It is a change for the cottage, but if it is not restored it would be another historic building in the UK falling into disrepair. We love our cottage and want to do what is best for it and the local area. Some people just take a little convincing.

In the mean time, we’ll continue pointing and repairing what masonry work we can to the front elevation.

Wish us luck, and we’ll keep you updated.



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