Just keep chipping..

It’s been a busy bank holiday weekend here at the cottage, as we continue to chip away the cement on the stone faces. We are extremely tired and slowly beginning to lose the will to live, but are reminded of how great it’s looking by all the lovely passers by (thank you!). We have achieved a considerable amount, with a good portion of the front elevation now clean. We’ve had to leave quite a few areas though, due to them being so unstable. So we’ll try to clean these areas when we take the stones down for re building. We are hoping to collect a small amount of stone from the quarry at the end of next week so that we can begin this process.. We’re itching to get it started! Watch this space. 

Also this week, the ongoing window colour saga continues… We’re no closer to making a decision, but need to get the order in by the end of the week to stay on track. Applications for planning and building regs are now in and fully underway for the extensions and roof work, so we’re now just hoping we have very kind and understanding neighbours!

No external pic of the cottage this weekend (have been too busy!) so here’s a photo of us being geeks in our safety glasses. 

Ciao for now

Emma and Serafin 



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