An Unexpected Reveal

Serafin removing old canopyIt was a typical bank holiday Monday afternoon.. (although it wasn’t raining!) We needed a job to do, so we decided that we should remove the old canopy above the original door. It was falling away from the wall, and being above the path it was really quite dangerous. We’d been putting it off for a while, purely because we knew it would take some of the render with it, but we bit the bullet. We thought if the stone wasn’t nice enough to expose, we’d just have to face up to it and re render it all when it came to doing the extension. Unsurprisingly, once we’d removed the tiles, the canopy came away quite easily.

When we first removed some of the render and saw the state of the lintel, we were extremely worried that it would all be unsalvageable. It looked horrendous, but we chipped some more away and it revealed some beautiful cotswold stone, pointed in lime mortar. We were ecstatic! We made the decision there and then to expose it all, and build the new parts in stone.

Chipping away at the render

We wanted to keep taking more off, (it was coming off quite easily where some of it is damp)  but wanted to speak to the architect about a few things first. The only problem is we have no idea what we’ll find. We have our fingers crossed that it’s all in a similar condition, but know that some of it is blockwork. The  cottage has been extended previously in block work, so we have agreed to re build that external wall to match. It’ll be interesting as it’s the first floor wall, but we’ll tackle that when we get to it. It also means we will have the extra expense of replacing the original, woodworm riddled lintels above the original door and windows.We’ve decided to go ahead with this though, probably replacing them in oak.

Whilst we wait for more detailed plans, the next step is to continue removing the render from other parts of the house to check the condition of the stone, and booking us on to a course on lime!

More photo’s to come soon.

The cotswold stone and original lintel revealed
The cotswold stone and original lintel revealed

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